How are emerging digital requirements impacting data centre partner selection?


The past two decades have seen a huge proliferation in data volumes, greatly increasing data centre requirements and workloads.

Enterprises are constantly assessing what additional computing and infrastructure capacity is required to best unlock new digital capabilities in a landscape changing at unprecedented speed.

From how these digital expansions will be hosted to addressing sustainability goals, partnering with the right data centre vendor will be critical to an organisation’s digital strategy.

To gauge how this is impacting the decision making of businesses in selecting their data centre partners, Khazna Data Centers, reached out to IT leaders across multiple industries and geographies globally to call upon their opinions and approaches in how they seek to expand their IT footprints, based on where they sit in their transition journey, and the evolving priorities and primary concerns around selecting the right data centre vendor.

This white paper considers the most crucial factors driving decision-making to help shape the future success of enterprises, as they look to expand their digital capabilities.

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